A step by step beginner’s guide to Heat-Resistant Spray
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A step by step beginner’s guide to Heat-Resistant Spray

Heat-Resistant Spray is for treated and untreated surfaces exposed to very high temperatures. It is suitable for use on exhaust pipes, ovens and grills etc. It can be sprayed on bare metal without the need to prime first.
The heat resistant paint is easy to apply and provides a protective and decorative paint finish and has been designed for direct application onto steel surfaces. Regularly used on brand name stoves, gas fires and ovens as well as high performance applications for commercial vehicle and construction equipment exhaust systems.


1.Allow surface to cool. Turn of all source of ignition, make sure all surfaces are free from dirt, dust, rust and grease.

2.Mask off the areas to be coated as applicable.Cover surrounding area with newspaper to prevent damage from overspray.

3.Ensure work area is well-ventilated and you're not spraying near naked flames or any incandescent materials.

4.Ensure protective clothing and gloves are worn. Mask off any areas that you do not wish to paint for example the door glass.

5.Shake can vigorously for 2 minutes after mixing rattles.

6.Hold aerosol upright with nozzle Direct nozzle towards object and hold can between 300-375mm (12-15") from item to be sprayed.

7.Spray evenly and lightly over the item.Two thin coats are better than one thick.

8.Coat will air-dry in approximately 20 minutes.Hardness of coating and corrosion resistance is improved when subjected to operational temperatures in excess of 250°C.

9.During the painting process, whilst drying and for the first 3 times you use your appliance, open windows, doors and if necessary use fans to provide a fresh air flow as the paint may give of fumes and smoke.

10.After use, invert the aerosol and operate the actuator to expel the excess coating.This will prevent clogging of the nozzle.

11.If the nozzle does become blocked, pull off the press button and clean tip with thinners.

A step by step beginner’s guide to Heat-Resistant Spray

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