A step by step beginner’s guide to Chalk Paint
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A step by step beginner’s guide to Chalk Paint

Step 1) Pick your first furniture piece

I would suggest you start with a small piece so this way you will able to build your confidence up. As chalk paint is a versatile paint to pick your first victim shouldn't be hard.

The door I painted is made of MDF, and the stepladder from store is solid beech.


Step 2) Pick your color

You can get a colour card from the barad website. Click here to check their colour scheme. I used french linen on both of my pieces.

One liter of this paint is enough to cover approximately 13 square meters.



Step 3) Gather your supplies


1.Drop cloth

I'm sure you all know that anytime you paint it can be either a room, a piece of furniture or any other items you need a drop cloth to protect your surfaces that you don't want to paint. This reminds me of the next supply.


2. Painter's tape

Use a painter's tape to mark off any areas on your furniture that you'd prefer to leave unpainted or you will be using a different color.


3. Brushes

I used a standard chip brush that I bought from Tool station and a wax brush from barad store.

You can also purchase brushes directly from barad that are designed obviously for chalk paint.


4. Paint

This is obvious you can't paint without paint, right? As I have mentioned above.


5. Sugar soap and sponge

To prepare any surface that you wish to paint, I would highly suggest using Sugar soap to clean the area. This will help you to remove any grease that standard domestic cleaning supplies cannot.



Wax plays a crucial part when it comes to chalk painting as this will help you to seal your painted item. You will need one tin of barad Soft wax which is 500ml and/or if you wish to reach an aged and give texture to your paintwork you also will need to purchase an barad Dark wax. I used both waxes on my door to achieve an antique look.



I highly recommend getting a lint-free cloth. It needs to be lint-free otherwise you will end up with some bits of material in the wax. I cut one of my old T-shirt into pieces, this did the job perfectly.



If you are going to distress your piece, you need a fine-grit sandpaper.



Step 4) Prepare

I know I know, I said no priming and sanding. Promise its true, but even though you skipping these steps, you need a minimal prep work to make sure your surface is clean. You don't want any dust to get stuck under your paintbrush.

Clean off your furniture by start wiping down the piece with sugar soapy sponge. This will remove any dirt and debris. If your project piece has any hardware, make sure you remove them before you start painting.


Step 5) Apply the first coat

So your furniture is clean now you are ready to start painting. Apply one coat of paint.

After applying the first coat, you will end up with decent coverage. Let it dry.

My first coat was ready for it the second one just after 20 mins.



Step 6) Apply Second coat

Time to add another layer and allow that to dry as well.

Check for any bleed-through of the color beneath the paint. If you don't see any, feel free to continue to the next step. If you have patches just apply another coat, this will build up the perfect coverage slowly.


Step 7) Wash your paintbrushes

If you spend money on good brushes, you want to make sure you look after them properly, so they last you long. Do we agree?

I usually wash my brushes with warm soapy water then I lay them on an old towel to dry.

This way you can make your brushes last you decades.



Step 8) Apply clear wax

Generally takes about 2hrs for your painted item to dry completely, but if you are unsure, just touch it with a finger to confirm. This part is where you seal the deal. By applying wax to your furniture, this will help you to make it durable and last it long. You can use a wax brush or a soft cloth to apply it. I would suggest lint-free fabric.

To apply the wax, rub it into the surface in circular motions if you can see any excess wax use a cloth to remove it.


Step 9) Distress your piece ( optional)

If you wish to add an old vintage look to your furniture, follow this step otherwise you can skip it. If I'm completely honest chalk paint chips either way so you might as well distress the areas that will be mostly in used, like edges and corners. This is why I would recommend it for an aged look finish.

I used fine-grit sandpaper (usually 180) to sand my piece lightly. Only a couple passes around the corner and edges with the sandpaper will do the trick.

A step by step beginner’s guide to Chalk Paint

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