Color shade is one of the physical properties of paints. When we use the shade of color, we mean as blue, red or yellow.
Although there are many colors, only a limited number have specific names that indicate their color separately and independently, such as primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and secondary colors (purple, orange, green).
 Colors can have a profound effect on life in a variety of ways, the most important of which is their effect on emotions. The issue of color is important in the category of city and architectural spaces due to its important psychological effects, to the extent that a specialty called color and colorimetry of urban spaces has been proposed among artists.
Harmony in color is like harmony in musical notes and has a special importance in creating a suitable and eye-catching harmony like a piece of music. Many years of experience with color have proven that colors, like humans, are related to each other in different ways and have common tastes and traits, or vice versa.
color is one of the most interesting aspects of decoration. Today's decoration designers have broken almost all the old rules regarding the use of different colors and combining them with each other, and today any color can be used in home decoration to create a special environment.
Monto Color Teca (160 colors) is a selection from thousands of color codes, which is available for our dear customers based on current trends and popular shades from best designers and experts.
In addition, in Barad Store, there is the possibility of choosing color codes from several international color charts such as RAL, NCS, ... .
The point to consider when choosing a color is that different monitors and LCDs show different color shades, and the best way to choose with less error is to use physical color charts that are available in Barad Store.
Also, Professionals who wish to have RAL or NCS color charts should register their application by calling 021-22239986.

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Our new multi-surface furniture paint is a high-performance all in one primer, undercoat & finish available in 1.3m colours.

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Order up to 10 painted colour chips to find the colour you love for your next project. For your colour chips will get delivered straight to your door along with a voucher to redeem against your next Barad purchase.

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